2023: The Worst Legacy Buhari Will Leave For Nigeria Is To Hand Over To An Ailing President –Journalist

Which party gets a favour from the CBN policy?

President Muhammadu Buhari has been advised to tow a path of honour and statesmanship by not handing over to an unfit president come May 29.

Speaking in a radio programme on Naija Info FM on Thursday, a media analyst, Jimi Disu popularly referred to as Uncle Jimi expressed concern over the faith of over 200 million Nigerians if the daunting job for the incoming government is placed on the lapse of another ailing president.

“The worst legacy president Buhari can leave for Nigerians is to hand over to an ailing president when leaving office,” said Uncle Jimi.

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Since the ongoing campaign, one of the many issues that have dominated discussion has been the state of health of some of the candidates of the leading political parties. The argument has been whether it is for the love of the country or for personal selfishness that made some political parties to insist on fielding candidates whose health situations are of serious concern.

Peter Obi, Labour Party Candidate

The newspaper analyst insisted that those who are urging Tinubu on are his real enemies and indeed enemies of Nigeria.

“Those urging Tinubu on are the most wicked people in the country” fumed Uncle Jimi Disu who asked the political jobbers behind Tinubu’s campaign whether they would do the same hatchet job if it were their father or husband in Tinubu’s health condition.

He queried the political parties involved on why they were not able to select more fit and younger candidates.

The popular radio presenter and analyst frowned at a situation whereby the APC presidential candidate instead of being allowed to enjoy his retirement age is made to undergo some strains of campaign activities where a litany of his error-riddled speeches are compiled as a collection for caricature and comedy.

“Is he in a state to give a fifteen-minute talk at the United Nations?” he queried.

Amed Tinubu, APC Candidate

Reports have it that Tinubu and Atiku of APC and PDP respectively have routinely visited medical facilities abroad since the beginning of the current campaign – a situation which their opponents have used to build some campaign edge over them.

Tinubu, in particular, has spent most of his campaign time defending the state of his health which has been reported to be in a condition that could make it very difficult to discharge some duties of a commander-in-chief.

But his lieutenants and spokespeople have insisted that he is fit enough for the job, pointing out that the presidential job doesn’t necessarily require extraneous energy since governance is not a one-man’s job.

The outgoing president Buhari will be remembered for having spent a large chunk of his time in office visiting hospitals in Europe and other countries – a situation his critics easily connect to the below-average performance of his administration in office.

The president was once quoted to have said that he would have wished to have governed Nigeria at a younger age.

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